‘Silent Hill’: Movie Trailer Revealed and Game Footage Shown

by Rob Caprilozzi

“In my restless dream, I see that town. Silent Hill.”

What a big 24 hours it has been for the Silent Hill franchise.

Last night Konami aired a “Silent Hill Transmission” which treated fans to various Silent Hill projects updates that are currently in development. The video, which can be seen below, starts with Konami Digital Entertainment Producer Motoi Okamoto welcoming fans to the live stream and immediately jumping into over 13 minutes of gameplay from the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Okamoto also revealed that the game will be coming October 8, 2024 to the PlayStation 5 Store and Steam. Various editions and pre-order details were revealed as well; some of which include digital artbooks, soundtracks, and different character skins.

Later in the transmission they cut to a piece that showcased their upcoming film Return to Silent Hill. Director, Christophe Gans gives us a behind the scenes look at the film and stated that “this film adds an emotional level of horror and certainly because of that, the horror is even more disturbing, even more unsettling.”

A day after the transmission aired, Konami revealed the trailer, which can be viewed below, for Return to Silent Hill.

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