Shudder Presents Joe Bob Briggs’ ‘Dinners of Death’ This Thanksgiving

Movie marathons related to holidays are near and dear to every genre fan. If you were lucky enough to grow up in the New York City area, Thanksgiving offered one of the best two day marathons around with a “giant ape” marathon on Thanksgiving (the original Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, and Son of Kong) and a “Godzilla-fest” on the following day on what has come to be known as “Black Friday” on WWOR-Channel Nine.

This year, Shudder will celebrate two grand horror traditions on Thanksgiving Night with not only a horror marathon, but also the return of horror host Joe Bob Briggs for Dinners of Death.

Briggs spoke to about the upcoming special, saying that “Most holidays have a lot of horror films based on that holiday, but Thanksgiving is an exception…But both events are, they’re mini-marathons. They’re not the 13-movie marathons. They’re four movies. Each one is four movies, but because I talk so much, they’re gonna go to dawn. You know, they’re gonna be long.”  Briggs has also promised that one of his selections is his favorite movie of all-time, although he is being tight-lipped about the reveal, naturally.

Briggs is well-known in the horror community due to his previous programs such as Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater and TNT’s MonsterVision. Briggs hosted his first Shudder marathon earlier this year with The Last Drive-In, a 24-hour marathon on Shudder. To say that the initial marathon was a success is an understatement, as the program not only crashed the network servers, but also resulted in Shudder announcing two more holiday specials, and a regular series in 2019.

Dinners of Death airs on Shudder on Thursday, November 22nd at 9 p.m. and A Very Joe Bob Christmas debuts on December 21st.

Nick Banks
Nick joined the website in 2015. His lifelong love of comics and horror began with Universal Monsters and the Incredible Hulk. He has fond memories of going to Waldbaum’s supermarket with his mother and being rewarded with a 3-pack of sealed comics. It’s been all downhill from there… Since those early days, his life has been immersed in four color action and scares on the silver screen.

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