Shudder Officially Announces Season 2 Of ‘Cursed Films’

by Thomas Tuna

It took long enough–but horror fans are used to delays in this brave, new world.

The docu-series Cursed Films–which explores the legends surrounding some of horror’s best–known supposedly cursed movies–debuted on Shudder nearly two years ago, and was reportedly renewed for a second season in August 2020. So, fans waited. And waited.

This week, though–as reported by–Shudder put the truth to the longstanding rumors and greenlit Season 2. No debut date has been set, and there has been no word on whether the upcoming season will have five episodes like Season 1. So, as always, stay tuned.

What is known is that the second season will again be written, directed and edited by Jay Cheel (Beauty Day), who will also act as an executive producer–along with Jonas Prupas, Courtney Dobbins and Brian Robertson.

The first season of Cursed Films looked into the supposed curses affecting the production of The OmenPoltergeistThe ExorcistThe Crow and Twilight ZoneThe Movie by interviewing the movies’ casts and crews, as well as experts in the occult and film history. The show was met with mixed to positive reviews.

Shudder has not yet confirmed which films will go under the microscope in Season 2, but reports suggest that Rosemary’s BabyThe ConjuringThe Possession and The Amityville Horror are possibilities.

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