Shriekfest Film Festival Commercial Contest

by Rob Caprilozzi

Shriekfest Film Festival Commercial Contest

Okay film makers! If Ropb Zombie can cerate an amazing Woolite commercial, you can certainly try your hand at this!

"The Shriekfest Film Festival, an international horror/sci-fi film and screenplay competition, is calling on all those with a camera and a creative spirit to contribute fan-made commercials for a sub-contest to help promote the event.

The festival, now in its "lucky" thirteenth year, seeks commercial submissions that will be used on its website and social media pages to help get people excited. The winning commercial will be screened at the festival and kick off each block of films. The only requirements are for the commercial to be under one minute, be horror/sci-fi/fantasy related,
and mention that Shriekfest is in its thirteenth year."

Entrants must submit their commercial to by August 1 to be considered

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