Showtime Continuing ‘Dexter’ With New Series, Spinoffs

by Thomas Tuna

Once blood has been spilled, it’s hard to stop.

Apparently, the demise of Dexter Morgan will not be the end of his violent story. Showtime has confirmed that the tales of the forensic specialist-turned-serial killer will live on with a continuation of Dexter: New Blood, as well as a prequel series with the working tile Dexter: Origins, according to a report in Variety.

The proposed follow-up to New Blood–which debuted in 2021–reportedly will focus on Dexter’s son Harrison, who survived his reintroduction to his father and escapes to Manhattan, where he wrestles with his own violent nature. Will he–like his father–be compelled to kill?

In addition, the Dexter: Origins prequel series will follow a young Dexter as he graduates from college and joins Miami Metro, where he meets younger versions of various Dexter characters–including a very alive Harry and a teenage Deb.

And these shows may just be the tip of the bloody iceberg. Spinoffs based on other Dexter characters–such as the Trinity Killer (portrayed by John Lithgow in the original series)–are also being considered.

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