Shadowman: End Times in April

by Brian Uhe

From Valiant Entertainment.

Jack Boniface thinks that he’s finally fixed his life – and the source of the dark power inside him. But when a figure from the past emerges to reveal the troubling truth about his destiny, the latest Shadowman will be forced to run a gauntlet of his darkest fears realized: the rise of a wild new pantheon of Voodoo loas… the return of his father, Josiah…and the earthly restoration of his oldest and deadliest enemy, Master Darque. Make no mistake — doom is coming for Shadowman…and the devastating consequences are about to lead Jack Boniface to a perilous new turning point!

Written by Peter Milligan and art by Valentine De Landro with covers by Giueseppe Camuncoli, Jeff Dekal and David Mack.




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