‘Shadow World: The Haunting of Mysti Delane’ Coming To DVD On July 14th

by CTbrthrhd



Peri Jill Phillips, Liz Nolan


A troubled teen, Mysti, possesses a brilliant mind but a sincere disdain for humanity as she proclaims the number one problem on the planet to be human overpopulation. With her mother recently deceased under mysterious circumstances, Mysti is estranged from the outside world and delves headlong into the world of the Occult. When her aunt Aurelia decides to visit she is shocked to see that Mysti is brewing Ayahuasca, the Shamanic ”vine of souls” and is crossing over into the ”other world,” a very dangerous endeavor often producing extreme consequences. But Aurelia is too late; Mysti has opened a portal into the Paranormal and unleashed an elemental force that has attached itself to her. Aurelia is no stranger to the Spirit World and they discover their shared heritage when Aurelia invokes an Ancient Witchcraft ritual in an attempt to expel the entity. The extreme demonic force taunts and tortures them both until finally emerging into this reality with its sole purpose being to consume those who brought it forth. Awesome Magazine, in reviewing Shadow World, said that it ”Takes American Horror Story to another level” and Extreme DVD declared that it is ”Horrifyingly original.”




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