Several Voice Actors Tapped For ‘Back 4 Blood’ Game

by Thomas Tuna

Back 4 Blood–the latest survival horror game from the developers of 2008’s Left 4 Dead–this week brought in some “new blood” in the form of voice actors who will bring the characters to life.

Back 4 Blood–from Turtle Rock Studios–is slated for a worldwide release June 22, 2021 for Windows, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, according to GamesRadar. The multiplayer game, announced at The Game Awards 2020, comes from director Phil Robb and designer Chris Ashton.

The actors lined up to lend their voices to the on-screen characters of The Cleaners include horror stalwart Barbara Crampton (ReAnimatorYou’re Next) as Mom, Alan Ayala (in his first credited video game role) as Evangelo, Danielle Judovits (Final Fantasy VII Remake) as Holly, William C. Stephens (The Last of Us Part II) as Walker and William Salyers (Call of DutyBlack Ops Cold War) as Hoffman.

Back 4 Blood–said to have some gameplay that’s identical to Left 4 Dead–is set in a post-apocalyptic world where most of humanity has been infected by the Devil Worm parasite and have become horrific zombies known as The Ridden. The Cleaners, a group of apocalypse veterans, have banded together to fight off the zombies and reclaim the world.

Players can team up online to fight The Ridden threat or play the campaign solo with three AI teammates. The game also features a competitive multiplayer option in which players can compete with or against friends in online PvP that supports up to eight players–with teams taking turns playing as both The Cleaners and The Ridden.

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