Second Trailer Revealed for Death Walks

by Rob Caprilozzi

It began life in June, since then it has been covered by local press, radio, national magazines and newspapers and even television. Death Walks has got the hearts and minds of a nation of dreamers by the throat, and it’s refusing to let go of it’s grip. 


On Halloween the first Death Walks trailer hit the internet, and it’s been shared on dozens of different Youtube channels and similar sites. While the trailer received a lot of interest the movies creators were a little disappointed that they could not bring their full vision to a waiting audience. Two last minute casting replacements meant that dozens of hours of action sequences had to be shot again, and for a waiting audience the creators unleashed a pretty much free of action trailer to the world. 


But as director Spencer Hawken points out those weaknesses became a strength, allowing his cast to grow in a amazing way. “We have Francesca Ciardi from the most notorious horror movie of all time Cannibal Holocaust, Lucinda Rhodes from Sky’s most popular drama series Dream Team, and Jessie Williams star of two of children’s televisions most popular shows for the last five years Tracy Beaker and The Dumping Ground heading up our cast. Add to this the talents of upcoming stars Martin Holland (Eastenders), Joanna Finata (Rush), Daniel Smales (Downton Abbey/Silk) and Jordan Grehs (Lake Placid 3), with the exception of one member of our principal cast (Jon Guerriero,the security guard you see in the trailer) all have worked actively within the film industry at different levels and it’s been a treat to work with them.”


The trailer addresses a number of issues that the creators Spencer and Lucinda Rhodes have been hinting at for some time. Since the start of filming Spencer has openly said that the movie is not what it’s audience will be expecting, and that it’s something very different. Some of those issues are clear from the trailer, asking as many questions as it hints answers to. “People might think the veins hanging off a characters face are bad make up, but it’s all part of the stories horrific undercurrent.” Said Lucinda “When I read the script for Death Walks back in June I was totally blown away, nothing this audacious has ever been pulled off in the history of film, people will be mortified by what Spencer has done, while pleasantly surprised at the same time.”


Actress Francesca Ciardi who not long ago turned down horror Maestro Eli Roth when he asked her to star in his upcoming film The Green Inferno said “The script was so well written, so incredibly different I could not refuse Spencer when he asked me to return to film for the first time in over 20 years.” Ciardi can be seen in the trailer at it’s start as the sinister Lucrezia, one of a variety of possible threats the occupants of a shopping centre have to fight over the course of one very long night.


Death Walks has a few weeks of editing left, and the creators hope to take it to Cannes next year. “We think we have a lot to shout about with Death Walks, firstly we have a cast and crew of thousands of people, secondly we are telling a zombie story that is totally different to anything else out there, and thirdly the film cost us not one penny to make. By creating this truly genuine zero budget movie, I hope a lot of filmmakers out there turn round and understand that you can’t just turn out rubbish and expect people to accept it just because it cost very little, our film cost nothing, and we hope it will make others raise the bar on what is acceptable when it comes to low budget movies.” Said Spencer Hawken.


The brand new trailer can be found here:-

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