Seance, The Summoning coming to DVD in October

Lionsgate’s upcoming flick Seance: The Summoning will be hitting DVD this October 2nd. You can check out what this demonic possession flick has to offer.

Synopsis: “Four college kids video themselves holding a séance in the city morgue and summon a demon that unleashes a nightmare from which there is no escape. When JOEY (Bobby Campo – The Final Destination, Legally Blondes) accuses EVA (Nazneen Contractor – The Border, 24) of being a fraud medium, she makes a bet that she can prove her ability to talk to the spirit world. MARCUS (Chris Olivero – 24) takes them to the city morgue, where he works, and decides to document the event for his thesis film, while SARA (Devon Ogden) tags along as Eva’s witness.

While setting up for the séance, Eva senses a dark spirit trying to break into our world. She tries to call it off, but Joey provokes her into continuing and the demon seizes his moment. Ancient, wise and bloodthirsty, he is a master manipulator and takes over Joey’s body, uncovering the dark secrets about his friends and turning them against each other. Their worse nightmare has just begun.”

Check out the Seance, The Summoning coming to DVD in October.

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