SDCC: ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ and Genvid Games

by Stephanie Shamblin Gray

The creators of the upcoming Silent Hill: Ascension game were at SDCC to show some sneak peeks and let the fans know what they can expect in the gameplay. ‘Audience-driven Engagement’ is the term they most used to describe the game. The intention is that the audience plays a role in the outcome of the game. Generally this game is not so linear and already foretold. Similar choose-your-own-adventure-style, but they let us know there is no going back – so if a character dies in the story, they die. Fans in attendance were shown a preview of the opening scene and the creators noted that this is just one potential outcome of the scene, but depending on the choices of players the outcome could be very different. The game is expected to premiere later this year. Also announced was Borderlands: Echovision Live, with new characters and locations but also with the new interactive style. And Jim Lee, President of DC, announced DC Heroes United.

Comic-Con Description: Moderated by Kinda Funny host Greg Miller, Genvid Entertainment will give an exclusive look at SILENT HILL: Ascension with Jacob Navok (chief executive officer, Genvid), Stephan Bugaj (chief creative officer, Genvid), Chris Amaral (art director, Bad Robot Games), and a special message from Motoi Okamoto, (producer of the SILENT HILL series, Konami Digital Entertainment). The panel will also feature Randy Ma (interactive creative director, DC) and Erica Hollinshead Stead (creative director of licensing and business development, Gearbox Entertainment). Jim Lee, (president, publisher, and chief creative officer, DC) will be making a special appearance. Attendees will receive an exclusive giveaway after the panel.




All photo credit Brian Gary for Horror News Network.

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