SDCC 2013 – Sleepy Hollow Television Show Premiere

by Rob Caprilozzi

Love horror TV shows? Of course! Stephanie Shamblin Gray and Brian Gray have more coverage from SDCC 2013, this time its the Sleepy Hollow panel. Check out the coverage below.

The world-premiere of the full Sleepy Hollow pilot was shown to a packed house at San Diego Comic Con. This is a very different view of the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane, and in this story they are both bad ass. The pedigree on this is awesome and includes Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Len Wiseman. The basic premise is that both of these characters come back to life in our modern time after killing each other during the Civil War. This show dances with horror-comedy, without going for hilarity. The producers told the crowd that the story will progress not with only the Headless Horseman, but each week there will be new mysteries to solve to uncover the entire legend. The Horseman appears to be the series' "big bad" and the show appears to be taking a cue from Buffy and Supernatural as far as format. The creators have told us that we will learn that the Civil War was more about religion than the history books may have indicated. Our first impressions of the show were very good overall and it definitely left us wanting more. I would recommend horror fans check out the pilot when it airs this fall and probably at least a few of the first shows to see where it goes. 

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