Screwed #6 preview

by Brian Uhe

Zenescope Entertainment has provided us a preview of the new Screwed comic.

It’s been a long and crazy road for Anne, but can it finally come to an end? While desperately racing to save her friend Erin from the maniacal Suture, she finds herself face to face with the man who “screwed” her out of her happy life. Broken, exhausted and desperately holding onto sanity with her bare hands, she’s the only one who can possibly stop the monsters and save Erin before it’s too late. Why has this happened to her, where do the monsters she sees come from and can she put an end to the horrors once and for all? Don’t miss this electrifying final chapter of Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed!

32 pages
November 6

Written by Keith Thomas and Tyler Kirkham
Art by David Miller
Covers by Tyler Kirkham, David Miller and Oracle










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