Screamers Costumes: Monsters and Mayhem in Michigan

by Larry Dwyer

Hey all – last week I was in Detroit to play a concert and, as always happens when I visit a new area, I got tons of recommendations from people like you of awesome horror-related places and attractions to check out. One of the places brought to my attention was a costume/Halloween shop called Screamers (click the link to check out the website) in Clinton Township.

When I told a few members of the band that we had to check this place out, they all asked, “why are you making us go to a Sprit Halloween?” Thankfully, they were wrong as Screamers is sooo much more.

Spread over 10,000 square feet of store space is an incredible horror-lovers fantasy. Rows and rooms filled with costumes, walls full of masks, corners full of props and TONS of display cases filled with figures from names like NECA, MEZCO and more; even my non-horror loving bandmates were impressed.

I was able to put aside my awe for a few minutes to chat with owner Tim O’Brien who started working there when he was 14 and purchased it in 1998. He mentioned that they sometimes have in-store signings (most recently with cast from Terrifier 2). They also have a seperate area with a ‘Movie Killer Experience’ that Tim described as like a wax museum with horror movie set replicas. Unfortunately, that section wasn’t open yet when I was there and I was unable to make it back.

Check out some pics I snapped below and if you’re in the Detroit area, definitely make a plan to stop into Screamers.

Stay gory my friends.

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