Scream Season 3 May Feature New Cast and Rebooted Story

by John Evans

MTV’s Scream television series hasn’t particularly lived up to fan or studio expectations. Season One of the show averaged about 750,000 viewers, and Season Two took a dramatic dip to an average of approximately 380,000 viewers. Originally slated for 14 episodes, Season Two was cut back to 12 and a self-contained Halloween special which aired two months after the season ended. Some thought at the time that this could be the end of the Brandon James storyline that the show continuously promised to wrap up, but loose ends were not tied up and a shortened Season Three was eventually announced. Now, Deadline is reporting that all bets may be off for this upcoming abbreviated season: we may see a new cast and a new story!

According to Deadline, main cast members from the show have begun to book commitments to other shows with MTV’s blessing. For example, Willa Fitzgerald has a prominent role Fox’s upcoming Behind Enemy Lines. MTV and Dimension had no comment on any of this speculation, but the fact is that the show is on its third showrunner in three seasons, and the speculation is that a fresh start may be the only way to earn back those coveted ratings.

Keep in mind that nothing has been officially announced and this is purely a rumor at this point. If it holds true, a baffling element of this development is that the one thing most people who watch the show can agree on is that they like the characters! John Karna, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Carlson Young have particularly developed a strong following due to their roles as Noah, Audrey and Brooke, respectively. Ditching these fan-favorites comes with the risk of alienating viewers who were tuning in particularly to watch these characters. On the other hand, if the show is reborn in a meaningful and powerful way, returning viewers may still tune in as the show attracts more viewers.

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