Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Lake Eerie’ Gets Distribution Deal

by Lynn Sorel

Savage Beast Films and Solid Weld Productions Announce Video on Demand Distribution Deal


Gravitas Ventures Secure North American Rights for Award Winning Horror Sci-Fi Thriller “Lake Eerie.”

Release Date Scheduled for January 15, 2016

Santa Monica, CA (December 2, 2015)…Savage Beast Films and Solid Weld Productions are pleased to announce a Video on Demand Distribution Deal, with Gravitas Ventures for the North American Rights to the Award Winning Horror/Sci-Fi Thriller, “Lake Eerie.” Release date is scheduled for January 15, 2016.


The independent feature, “Lake Eerie,” focuses on a young widow, who moves into an old house to recover from the sudden loss of her husband. Little does she know that a dark secret, locked away inside her new home on Lake Erie will soon to be unleashed.


The film stars Lance Henriksen as Pop (“Aliens,” “The Terminator”), Betsy Baker as Eliza (“The Evil Dead,” “Oz the Great”), Marilyn Ghigliotti as The Realtor (“Clerks,” “Clerks 3”), Al Snow as The Man in Black (“WWE Sunday Night Heat”), Meredith Majors as Kate (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”) and Anne Leigh Cooper (Annemijn Nieuwkoop) as Autumn (“Caged Innocence”).


“Lake Eerie” had its World Premiere at the HorrorHound Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana in September of 2015. After its debut the audience rose to their feet with a rousing standing ovation. This resulted nominations for Best Feature, Best Actress (Betsy Baker), Best Actor (Lance Henriksen) and Best SFX (Robert Kurtzman), scoring a Best Actor win for Henriksen.


Helming the production is Chris Majors as Producer/ Executive Producer and Director, and Producer/Executive Producer and Writer Meredith Majors. Director of Photography/Cinematographer is David M. Brewer (“Insidious,” “Roswell FM”), Special Effects Makeup is by Robert Kurtzman (“Army of Darkness,” “Scream”) with Producer/Executive Producer and CEO of Solid Weld Productions, James Morales (“The Hospital,” “The Alamo”).


The musical score was composed by the masterful Harry Manfredini, who is well known for the “Friday the 13” series and “Wishmaster.” The theme song, “Le Reverie” (“The Dream”), is written and performed by the heavy metal goth quartet Le Reverie, fronted by Allie Jorgen.


Gravitas Ventures specializes in the aggregation of entertainment content by connecting independent filmmakers, producers and distribution companies with leading cable, satellite, telco and online distribution partners.


Comments, Chris Majors, “It is a dream come true to have received distribution for my first film. What elevates the experience even more is to have received distribution with one of the leaders in VOD distribution and a company known for choosing only top quality content – Gravitas Ventures.”


Meredith Major adds, “I am truly humbled by all of the incredible artists who came together to make “Lake Eerie” come to fruition. To have my first screenplay be produced and now have distribution is such an honor, and I am very grateful for this amazing experience.”


Gravitas Ventures’ Film Acquisition Coordinator Michael Lange continues, “Lake Eerie” offers fans of the horror genre a new twist on the supernatural, and we couldn’t be more delighted to bring the Majors’ vision to 100 million + homes in North America.”


“Lake Eerie” was shot in the fall of 2013 in La Salle, Michigan. During the twenty one days of principal photography the film crew came to realize that the house was actually haunted. They hired three teams of ghost hunters who captured proof. The behind the scenes footage and additional paranormal activity will soon be seen on the second season of “Paranormal Survivor,” that airs on the Destination America cable channel.


In addition to the upcoming Video on Demand release, plans are underway for a limited theatrical release, as well as screenings at more film festivals.


“Lake Eerie” has been described as a cross between “Rosemary’s Baby” meets “The Shining. Back to the Movies cited it as, “A chilling supernatural tale that pays homage to classic horror,” with LA Metal Media stating it is a…”Truly unique and terrifying film.”


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