Scary Camera Effects App Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

By: Clint Ritchie

More and more people today are using Camera Apps. Apps to make a picture funny, beautiful, and stylish but, what about people who want something dark, gory, and frightening? We have found an App that does just that, the Scary Camera Effects App lets the user transform their plain everyday pictures into something straight out of a horror movie. Twenty Different filters give you a wide set of options to recreate a horror movie starring you, your city, even your dog.

This App takes iconic horror figures and lets you craft pictures that seem so believable that friends would think you were on a movie set. There are a total of six sticker packs that include, Ghosts, Creatures, Body Parts, Blood, Landscape, and First Person. I found myself spending most my time of the Creatures pack, trying to fit as many monsters as I could in one picture. The First Person pack really caught my attention. I have not seen this aspect done by many in camera apps and not nearly as good as this. All theses Sticker packs look very authentic, and are very easy to navigate and use, there is a very useful help tab that explains all you can do with the filters and stickers to maximize your picture crafting, as well as helpful tutorial videos.

Overall this is a great App for any horror fan, and has major potential for growth with more sticker packs and filters. Great design and easy navigation gives Scary Camera Effects the advantage over their rival horror camera apps.

• Great Design
• Easy Navigation
• Potential for Growth
• Needs more Creatures
• Needs More Realistic Landscapes

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