‘Scarred’ Released on DVD and VOD Today

by Lynn Sorel


‘Scarred’ has been released on DVD and VOD today. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and XBOX.

You can buy it on the official website here   and watch   the trailer below.





Cringe and scream as you watch the latest horror film from Fright Teck Pictures!

Unique in that the film has both experienced actors and newcomers which include: 

Ari Lehman (the original Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th)

Lisa Neeld (Playboy cover and model)

Mark Cray (The Grindhouse Massacre)

and others 

and some wonderful local talent.


Shooting much of the film in Medina County, Ohio, the film will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch some great performances from our cast!







SCARRED is a throwback to the ‘80s Horror Genre with its “in your face kills” 


provided by its six foot Jason’esk type killer, Jonah Kandie. The story takes place 


in modern day, with the owner of a modeling agency, Faye Ambler (played by 


Justine Greenwald) has been propositioned by a wealthy upper echelon, George 


Sanders, whose son is a nature photographer and is looking for his dad to give him 


a break in the fashion world. 


Faye sends four of her girls to Wolf Ledges for the shoot, since it is known for its 


quiet and rural nature. Faye feels this remote resort would be perfect for a newbie 


nature photographer to practice his new craft. As the story unfolds, the models, 


their chaperone “Bo” (who happens to be Faye’s nephew), and Brodie the 


photographer, have a run-in with a couple of townies and are ultimately warned of 


the Kandies. Needless to say the group is not buying it and they go along with a 


blatant disregard to the warning, finally succumbing to their fate one by one as 


expected by the wrath of no other than Jonah Kandie. 


Scarred features the “First Jason Vorhees” Ari Lehman, Playboy Model Lisa 


Neeld along with Janine Bowles Sarnowski, Carl Ferrara, Don Kilrain and an 


aspiring cast that really put forth a solid effort in their performances in this film 


written and directed by Eddie Lengyel.

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