‘Santa’s Sickest’ Coming To DVD On November 18th

by CTbrthrhd



Mike O’Mahoney


Sure there’s Shakes the Clown, but when Santa goes off the deep end and decides it’s time to exact revenge on spoiled brats and forces that impede his agenda, look out because the carnage is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Welcome to Santa’s Sickest, a no holds barred, holiday head bashing anthology like no other to put under that special someone’s tree this year. A Slashing, Slaying, Mutilating, Dismembering Yule tide tribute to old Saint Nick! Sloppy the Psychotic: Mike finds himself without his beloved job as a children’s clown and starts slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss, unleashing a psychopath so insane that even John Wayne Gacy would be shocked. Bout after bout of bad luck finally sends him completely over the edge. IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Larry is a lonely guy until one day a workplace mishap helps him discover that murder cures what ails him. Hoping for a “normal” life, Larry proceeds to shoot, stab, chainsaw, maim and mutilate his way to happiness but he just can’t get it out of his system. The Experiment: Mary’s life is disintegrating; she’s on the verge of losing everything and desperately needs income to survive. Driven to extremes she responds to an ad in the paper and embarks on a series of home based drug tests that go horribly wrong.





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