Sally the Ghost Hunter Interview with Tomte and Vanja

by Rob Caprilozzi

"Sally The Ghost Hunter" is a comic series that deals with Sally; a young girl that lives in an old house in the middle of some abandoned farmlands, far away from most people. She lives there together with her cute cat, Mee, and a mysterious masked man who rarely talks. Her whole life revolves around hunting down ghosts, and in each episode she'll meet different people that seeks her help to get rid of the haunting. But why is Sally so determined to hunt down ghosts…? And who is that mysterious masked man? The story of Sally will reveal itself throughout the series! We caught up with the creators of this series, Tomte and Vanja to talk about this exciting new web comic. 

Check out the Sally the Ghost Hunter Interview with Tomte and Vanja.

Sally the Ghost Hunter comic

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