‘Safeword’ Coming To DVD On January 20th

by CTbrthrhd



Stephanie Edmonds, Jill Evyn, Anna Maganini, Chris Soth


The Game meets Eyes Wide Shut. Sabina, a young girl with a dark past, wakes up in the dungeon of a masked predator. She’s been drugged on a blind date and the night promises terror…just as in her past. But when she outwits her captor and escapes half-naked into the night, her dark odyssey truly begins — she runs into a trio of adventurers who transport her to a wild fetish party, all the while taking her story as just another kinky role-playing game. But when her tormentor show up at the party and tries to claim her as his prize, will anyone save her? And who is he? The man who drugged her and forced himself on her years ago? Her date from earlier that same day? Or are they one in the same and now he’s come back to finish what he started? Or is this all a twisted game just so Sabina can have her own revenge? And if it is, who are the players? And who’s GETTING PLAYED? Twist piles on twist and everyone plays their role…until they’re all unmasked in the end…and often undressed… …of course if it’s too much for you, you can always say the Safeword… IF you can guess it…if not, hold on for the ride.




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