Ross Marquand Joins ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5

Actor Ross Marquand is joining ‘The Walking Dead’ for the second half of season five. He will likely return for the already announced sixth season as well. The details of his role are still being kept quiet, however fans are speculating on who is playing. Based on comments made by Robert Kirkman on ‘Talking Dead’ about a “prominent” gay character from the comics being introduced during the remainder of the season, fans think Marquand will be playing the character Aaron. If he is indeed cast as Aaron, a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the show could take up the Alexandria story line from the comics. Marquand is a freshman actor, with only ‘Down and Dangerous’, ‘A Lonely Place for Dying’, and ‘Congregation’ to his movie credits. He has also appeared in TV shows ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Phineas and Ferb’. He is joining recently announced Alexandra Breckenridge as one of the two newest characters added to the show.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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