Rosemary’s Baby Criterion Collection

by Rob Caprilozzi

Roman Polanski's 1968 horror movie Rosemary’s Baby, will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray on October 30th. The Criterion Collection is a video-distribution company selling "important classic and contemporary films" to cinema aficionados. Terrifying and darkly comic, Rosemary’s Baby marked the Hollywood debut of Roman Polanski. This wildly entertaining nightmare, faithfully adapted from Ira Levin’s best seller, stars a revelatory Mia Farrow as a young mother-to-be who grows increasingly suspicious that her overfriendly elderly neighbors, played by Sidney Blackmer and an Oscar-winning Ruth Gordon, and self-involved husband (John Cassavetes) are hatching a satanic plot against her and her baby. In the decades of occult cinema Polanski’s ungodly masterpiece has spawned, it’s never been outdone for sheer psychological terror. 

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Rosemarys Baby horror movie

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