Roman Ritual #1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Roman Ritual #1 of 4                               
Review by: Mike Peluso

Writer: EL Torres
Artist: Jaime Martinez
Publisher: Amigo Comics
Release Date: 9/14
Rating: 10 out of 10

Synopsis: A new horror miniseries by El Torres! A murder involving a cardinal is shaking the Vatican, so cruel and vicious that goes far beyond any crime and conspiracy that may have taken place in the Vatican before. The self-exiled priest John Brennan is summoned to Rome as the boldest exorcist in the Church because there is an ancient evil spreading within the Holy See itself.

Our Thoughts:  What we have here is demonic possession aimed to please!  Roman Ritual #1 of 4 is a high octane entry to what looks like to be an ungodlily awesome horror comic series.  Roman Ritual #1 has excellent pacing that uncomfortably keeps you mesmerized and eagerly turning the page.  Demonic possession isn’t the most common sub-genre found within the covers of horror comics but as this already cool series unfolds, that all might change.  The protagonist in Roman Ritual, Father John Brennan is righteously bad-ass and has a very mysterious backstory that definitely made me want to stay tuned to figure out.  There probably hasn’t been a cooler man of the cloth since Father Merrin himself!  El Torres’s writing is captivating and delivers this possession story with quite a bit of power.  There’s a level of evil anxiety throughout this book that really makes you feel like something disastrous is about to happen and the twist towards the end truly fulfills those fears.  Jaime Martinez’s uber talented artwork fits this story like a fresh warm sock out of the dryer.  There is so much darkness and detail infused in his drawings, they are as picturesque as they are unsettling.  Both writer and artist of Roman Ritual have the potential to be horror comic heavyweights and their talents together make an excellent team.

Roman Ritual #1 was a super cool book that delivers every aspect of what makes demonic possession stories intriguing and unsettling.  I cannot wait for the second entry to the series.  Grab a copy of Roman Ritual #1, it should not be missed!

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