Robert Englund Wants To See Reboot Of ‘Dream Warriors’

by Thomas Tuna

To sleep…perchance to dream?

If the powers-that-be ever get around to filming another installment in the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street series, franchise icon Robert Englund has an idea he’d like to throw out there.

While speaking recently to, the actor said he thinks “they should reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors because No. 3 has a ‘previously on Nightmare on Elm Street’ sense to it, and it reunites everybody. And it’s a fan-favorite.”

Englund added that he believes that a poll of fans would reveal that “more people like Dream Warriors than any other film. And it’s a good script. If you look at who wrote it, those people have Oscars now.”

And Englund said he would love to have a cameo in that reboot. “I think that would be fun,” he said, “a nice wink to the audience. It’s traditional in a remake to bring somebody back from the original.”

The 1987 Dream Warriors–directed by Chuck Russell from a story by Wes Craven and Bruce Wagner–stars Heather Langenkamp, Patricia Arquette and Larry Fishburne–in addition to Englund as Freddy Krueger. The storyline revolves around a group of young adults who have been committed to a psychiatric hospital where Nancy Thompson (Langenkamp)–whose parents helped kill Krueger–works.

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