Robert Englund Channels Freddy For COVID-19 PSA

by Sean McLaughlin

As the perceived isolation of the nationwide social-distancing measures begin affecting the population, our horror icons are here to offer tips on how to survive this brave new world.  Following in the footsteps of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jesse Eisenberg, “Michael Myers” and others, Freddy Krueger himself has arrived to scare some sense into his victims…..err, fans.  Robert Englund, who is also the host of Travel Channel’s True Terror with Robert Englund, has posted a self-made PSA on Twitter (see below), with shades of the gloved-one thrown in for good measure.

“Remember… safe, stay at home, wash your hands.  And if you do have to go to the grocery store….WEAR YOUR GLOVE!”, Englund demands, with the maniacal laughter and trademark razor-fingered glove held high in the air.  We’re not sure about you, but we know that when Freddy starts making demands it’s wise to listen up.   That’s for everyone’s safety, horror fans and otherwise.

The health and safety of the populace is the most important thing to remember during this turbulent time, and it’s great to see these celebrities from the horror world and beyond trying to both make us laugh and teach an imperative lesson.  It’s a reminder that we’re all in this together.

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