Rob Zombie will host 13 Nights of Halloween Films for HDNET Movies

by Nick Banks

Many older horror fans miss the days of the classic “horror movie hosts”.   Starting with Vampira and Zacherley, and continuing with many regional hosts from around the country such as “Chilly Billy”, Ghoulardi, and Svengoolie, these hosts brought humor and commentary to these late night features.

In the syndication and cable era of the 1980’s, the trend continued with Elvira, Commander USA, and Joe Bob Briggs.  Unfortunately, most of the hosts were done by the late 90’s, but they would sometimes return for special Halloween programming.

This October, HDNET Movies will be taking a page from the early days of televised horror by bringing in shock rocker, director, and horror super fan Rob Zombie to host 13 nights of horror films for the network.  

The special event, entitled Rob Zombie’s 13 Nights of Halloween, is said to feature films ranging “… from horror classics such as The Last House On The Left (1972) and The Blob (1958) to modern favorites including The Devil Inside (2012) and Case 39 (2009). ”

The full schedule and list of films will be revealed shortly, so keep checking Horror News Network for the complete schedule and keep your eyes peeled for HNN’s Fall Horror Movie Preview coming in late August.

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