Rob Zombie Not Interested In Making ‘The Munsters’ Sequel

by Thomas Tuna

Wave goodbye to Mockingbird Heights.

Rob Zombie’s 2022 remake of The Munsters will likely be the last time the flamboyant filmmaker tackles that particular “labor of love,” according to a report on Entertainment Weekly.

The prequel film not only underperformed with critics and fans (a 52 percent positive Rotten Tomatoes score), but Zombie himself doesn’t seem to have the fire to make a follow-up feature.

When asked during a recent interview with EW if he would consider shooting a sequel, Zombie didn’t beat around the bush. “I won’t, and I don’t want to,” he said. “The only reason I would ever want to is because I like making sequels.”

As Zombie explained, “You have so little time with the first movie to develop these characters. Towards the end of The Munsters, you say, ‘OK, now they’re all set. You can really jump in with what they’re all about.’ But, c’est la vie.”

The Munsters film follows Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), “your typical 150-year-old lovelorn vampire looking for the man of her nightmares,” according to the synopsis. “That’s when she lays eyes on Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips), a seven-foot-tall, green experiment with a heart of gold.”

Unfortunately, it’s not smooth sailing, as Lily’s father The Count (Daniel Roebuck) “has other plans for his beloved daughter’s future–and they don’t involve Herman.”

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