“Roadkill du Jour” Trade Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

By Contributor Sam Brockington

“Roadkill du Jour” Trade Review

Writer: Kevin LaPorte,
Artwork: Shawn Harbin, Laura Guzzo – colors

In the premier issue of Roadkill du Jour, we are introduced to Roadkill, a lone biker with a hole in his spirit, and a curse on his back. Roadkill is destined to roam, living off his namesake, dead animals on the side of the road. Trying desperately to recover from the loss of his girlfriend Vanessa, Roadkill rides on in an attempt to separate himself from his past with miles of empty highway.

After he encounters an odd boy, Hennie, we see for the first time the effects of the curse laid on Roadkill as he takes on a Dr. Moreau version of the armadillo he devours in the middle of the road. Although he is at first afraid of Roadkill, Hennie seems drawn to him. Having just runaway, Hennie attaches himself to Roadkill, perhaps because of his similar aim of escaping the past.

Dujour and Hennie are pulled into a life or death battle, led by a swamp light that Dujour thinks is the spirit of his dead Vanessa. Attacked by giant gators, Roadkill and Hennie fight to avoid becoming their next moonlight feast of flesh and death. Hennie proves his worth as he wields an ax with sober determination, proving himself more than scared runaway.

As the story progresses, we meet Mamma and the black hearted voodoo witch responsible for Dujour’s curse and her twisted family of misfits. Dujour drafts Hennie as his sidekick as he set off in search of Mamma, unaware of the cursed owl she has sent to hunt him down.

The use of bold colors gives the definite feel of a brightly moonlit world of black magic and an alternate reality, a world of perpetual night. Although the artwork has a cartoon style, it carries the story along, lending to the unusual effects of Roadkill Dujour’s curse, and twisted creatures inhabiting the nightmare world he exists within. What danger do Dujour and Hennie ride towards? We will have to wait for the next issue to find out.

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