RLJE To Release ‘The Lair’ In Theaters, VOD For Halloween

by Thomas Tuna

Neil Marshall’s latest horror effort finally lands an appropriate debut date.

It’s been a full year since any news broke about The Lair–the most recent horror flick from the filmmaker behind 2005’s The Descent and 2020’s The Reckoning–but now Deadline reports that RLJE Films has picked up the film and will release it in theaters and on-demand Oct. 28. Shudder will stream the movie starting early next year.

The horror film–written, directed and produced by Marshall–stars Jonathan Howard, Charlotte Kirk and Jamie Bamber, along with Leon Ockenden, Mark Strepan, Hadi Khanjanpour, Harry Taurasi, Kibong Tanji and Troy Alexander.

The Lair follows Sgt. Tom Hook, who leads a command to rescue Lt. Kate Sinclair, a Royal Air Force pilot shot down over Afghanistan. Sinclair takes refuge in a long-abandoned bunker and “unwittingly releases a deadly man-made biological weapon–half-human, half-alien and hungry for human flesh–the Ravagers,” according to the synopsis.

Hook and his team–accompanied by British SAS troops–“must save Sinclair from the Ravagers before they overrun the area and, potentially, the world.”

Marshall called his film “a full-on monster movie with action and explosions and blood and guts. I wanted to make a creature feature. I wanted to do some monsters.”

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