The Rings Trailer Has Emerged

by Chris Conway


After an eleven-year hiatus, The Ring saga literally returns to the well with the release of the Rings trailer! The spot begins with a young woman ripping her television off the wall to stop the all too familiar black & white video of a faceless girl climbing out of a well and walking toward the camera.

Paramount Pictures released the 2 1/2 minute trailer this week.  The clip serves as a primer for the legend of the “ring’.  We are reminded that there exists a disturbing video that people watch and, once they do, their phone will ring. They will hear an eerie voice saying, “Seven days.” The viewer will then die seven days after watching the video.


The trailer reveals very little about the actual plot beyond the fact that a woman (Matilda Lutz) along with her boyfriend (Alex Roe) are trying to escape the inevitable confrontation with the horrifying, faceless girl. Vincent D’Onofrio  appears to play a blind man who knows something about the video and the girl in the well.  A whispering voice chanting “seven days’ can be heard throughout with clips from the film and the feared deadly video interspersed with screen tiles counting up – Day 1, Day 2…

Rings will arrive just in time for Halloween with an October 28th release date.

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