Ridley Scott Confirms Over 20 Minutes Cut from Alien: Covenant

by Nick Banks

In a recent interview with Collider, Ridley Scott revealed that he cut just about 20 minutes from his latest film Alien: Covenant.

Scott cut the 20 minutes based on test screenings and in an effort to bring the film in at just over the two hour mark.  Scott actually appeared happy with the feedback from the test screenings and there were no signs that the director was told to trim the film by his producers (no Blade Runner-style creative showdowns it would seem). Scott asserted that sometimes a director “…thinks you know everything, but you don’t”.

Scott was also pleased that he delivered the film “on time and under budget”.  Alien: Covenant was originally budgeted at $160 million but the final reported number is closer to $97 million dollars.  The shoot also took 73 days as opposed to the original 103 blocked out for filming (which certainly helped keep costs down).

Saving money on production costs may help Alien: Covenant turn a profit, as it has only grossed roughly $60 million in the United States after two weeks of release (with a whopping 70% drop in its second weekend), but the film has amassed over $101 internationally for a worldwide total of $161 million dollars.  It will face stiff competition over the next two weeks from Wonder Woman, The Mummy, and It Comes at Night, so we would suggest catching the film at your local cineplex sooner rather than later.

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