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REVELATIONS is “a postapocalyptic story about survivors of the biblical Rapture. The series stars Cuyle Carvin as former Marine Jeremy and Marlene Mc’Cohen as young mother Dana, who team up to battle the demons that have infested the Earth in the wake of the Rapture, while Jeremy experiences visions of a cabin that may hold the key to the fate of the remaining human race. 

We caught up with Cuyle Carvin to talk Revelations.

Horror News Network:  “Revelations” is basically a survival tale after the Biblical end of times.  What drew you to this script?

Cuyle Carvin: The character, Jeremy. It’s the role that I play. I was only able to read about 4 pages of the first episode before the audition and I loved it from the opening line. Sounds corny, ‘It had me at hello’ but it’s true. Each episode starts with a Biblical quote and it’s a very powerful  statement for the mood of the episode. I thought adding a religious spin to the typical apocalypse story was a brilliant and unique idea. And personally, it added more value to me as not only an actor, but also as a man of faith.

Horror News Network: How did you prepare for the role of “Jeremy”? How does he compare to some of the other roles you’ve played in the past?

Cuyle Carvin:  Jeremy is a role that I feel I’m born to play. I’m turning into the corn king but I feel that a role like this is one that I didn’t really have to prepare for much at all because I find so much of me and Jeremy so much alike, from morals and character to the physical traits. Jeremy is definitely one of the roles that has come more natural for me to play. Sometimes I play characters that I have a lot in common with but it’s harder to find the ‘them’.

Horror News Network: In the first two episodes, we’re introduced to Jeremy and Dana, with Darius coming in the second episode.  Jeremy appears to be the leader of the group.  How does this group dynamic evolve throughout the series?

Cuyle Carvin: Good question! I’m curious to find out too. Robert Michael Ryan, the creator of the show only releases episodes to us a little before filming them so we don’t really know what exactly is going to happen just yet. I think we’ll probably find, and lose, other survivors along the way. And I’m sure some of them will take major issues with each other and Jeremy.

Horror News Network: How is it working with Robert Michael Ryan?

Cuyle Carvin: He’s great. I love his vision on this project. He’s unbelievably talented in writing and directing this series. Plus he does the special effects which look incredible for a low budget production.

Horror News Network: The demons have a pretty crazy look about them.  What is it like shooting the scenes with them?

Cuyle Carvin:  The demons look like they stepped straight outta Satan’s nutsack. The makeup department, Jen Fregozo and Maryann Yee, do an unreal job with them. The demon image they’ve created is pretty freaky to see live. The actors, Chris Senger and Damion Stephens, that play the demons are really creative and do a kickass job.

Horror News Network: Would Cuyle be as much of a survivalist as Jeremy if the end of days came?

Cuyle Carvin:  Hmmm – I’d like to think so. I think I’m slightly more sensitive to the human race than Jeremy is which could possibly prove as a weakness at some point, but I think overall, I’d have a pretty solid chance of surviving. God willing of course.

Horror News Network: What would you like our audience to know about “Revelations”?  When can we expect episode 3?

Cuyle Carvin:  I just really want people to watch the series and experience and support it to the end. I think it’s a really well done series that deserves a lot of attention. I think horror fans, sci-fi, action, any kind of comic geek fans would enjoy it. Plus there’s a lot of eye candy for the male viewers thanks to Marlene Mc’Cohen.

I don’t have any kind of hints for episode 3 right now but I do imagine we’ll learn more about what happened to Jeremy, Dana’s and Darius’ loved ones and some evil secrets that they all carry with them 🙂 I’m hoping for the new episodes to be up sometime in August.

Revelations horror series

Horror News Network:  Thanks for your time, Cuyle. Have a comment on this interview? Post it here.

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