Revelations Entertainment To Adapt ‘Necroscope’ Novels

by Thomas Tuna

Speak to the dead at your peril.

Necroscope–a best-selling series of horror/sf novels that stretches back to 1986–is heading to multi-media platforms courtesy of Revelations Entertainment, as reported by Deadline.

Revelations Entertainment–a movie production company founded by Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary–plans to adapt the multi-volume series for episode TV, animated features, video games and graphic novels.

The Necroscope series–by English author Brian Lumley–spans more than 19 novels and short stories and has been translated into nine languages.

The novels follow Harry Keogh, a necroscope, who has the uncanny ability to speak to–and learn skills from–the dead. Unlike necromancers–who extract knowledge by brutalizing corpses–Keogh can communicate with them as equals, peacefully and without physical interference.

This talent eventually brings him to his calling–to “rid our world of a vampire menace, a mission that leads him to a vampire-dominated parallel world.” The main antagonists of the series are the Wamphyri Lords, the original vampires who are described as “maleficent, primeval and dominating predatory creatures” that consume human flesh and blood.

McCreary said the Necroscope universe will “allow us to explore the global themes of horror in a way never done before.” Michael McKay, who is teaming with Revelations Entertainment on this project, added that this story is “far too epic–and simply too good–to relegate it to a single film. We have a layered tapestry of science fiction/horror unlike anything that has ever been put on screen.”

Glenn Hetrick, another partner in this venture, said the adaptation will lean heavily on Lumley’s “rich, supernatural mythology, grounding our story in the most terrifying fictional reality ever created.”

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