‘Resident Evil: The Card Game’ Will Make Its Play Next Year

by Thomas Tuna

The Resident Evil franchise continues to wheel and deal.

The horror video game empire, of course, has already successfully branched out to film and board games and now, according to comicbook.com, a card game from Gen X Games will hit stores sometime in the first quarter of 2022.

Resident EvilThe Card Game is described as a “new kind of co-op game” that places up to four players in control of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. Players will move their character through “the dangerous Spencer Mansion, killing zombies and trying to find their way out of the building alive,” according to the official description.

Gameplay, as described, is focused on exploration. During each turn, players collectively choose three action cards to use before exploring the mansion. Players open doors using keys scattered throughout the mansion–and the doors contain such items as green herbs or new weapons.

In addition, some rooms hide enemies–and players can choose to either fight them or escape. Also, RE boss monsters can pop up at any time. Once players beat the game the first time, they can unlock a “New Game Plus” mode that has additional items for future replays.

Resident Evil–Capcom’s best-selling video game series and the overall best-selling horror video game franchise–has expanded to film adaptations, which have become the highest-grossing live-action video game film series. Resident EvilWelcome to Raccoon City–written and directed by Johannes Roberts–will premiere Nov. 24.

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