RESIDENT EVIL 7 Announced & Trailer Released at E3


Resident Evil 7 biohazard was officially announced at E3 in Los Angeles. A teaser trailer, entitled TAPE:1: Desolation, was released with the announcement. It will be available  January 24, 2017 on PlayStation 4 (which will include full game play with PlayStation VR Mode), Xbox One, and PC.

From the look of the trailer, RE is getting back to their horror roots, with what looks to be some terrifying game play. Having played a horror mini game on the VR myself, which scared the hell out of me, I can only imagine what this will be like.  The VR is the future of horror in my opinion, whether it be games or film. The full immersion makes the viewer feel like it is them that is in real danger. I’m betting this game, especially in VR mode, bring back some of those original feelings we all felt playing horror games for the first time on the PlayStation. Remember when playing a horror game like Resident Evil was completely new, hard to play alone, and nearly impossible in the dark? Yeah, those feelings that games can so rarely recreate now.  Resident Evil 7 biohazard might do exactly that for fans again. I, for one, can’t wait to play it!

You can view the trailer below. There is a demo available for PlayStation Plus, which you can view here.



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