‘Renfield’ Feature Continues To Add To Ensemble Cast

by Thomas Tuna

Did you hear the one about a vampire and his lackey who walked into a bar?

The punchline may be the new cinematic take on the Dracula mythos–Renfield–which has been assembling a decidedly different cast. This week, according to The Hollywood Reporter, comic actor Ben Schwartz signed on for the Universal Pictures project.

Schwartz–perhaps best known for his voice work on the animated Sonic the Hedgehog and his live-action role on Netflix’ Space Force–will join Nicholas Hoult in the lead role, Nicolas Cage as Dracula and Awkwafina (real name Nora Lum) in an undisclosed role. Schwartz reportedly will play a mobster in Renfield (a mobster?).

Considering the backgrounds of the cast members so far–Hoult (Warm Bodies), Cage (even his fans must be scratching his heads over this part) and Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians)–it’s very easy to believe that Renfield will be a “modern-day adventure story that is comedic in tone.” And somehow based on a Bram Stoker horror novel. Fascinating…

Add all that to the fact that the film–directed by The Lego Batman Movie’s Chris McKay–is scripted by Ryan Ridley (Ghosted and Rick and Morty) from a story idea from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and the mystery deepens even more.

Longtime horror fans will only know R.M. Renfield–who first appeared in Stoker’s 1897 Dracula–as a patient in an asylum obsessed with blood (and devouring any insects he can grab) who becomes a toady for the Vampire Lord in the hope he will make him immortal. Trusting fellow, no?

No debut date has been set for Renfield (which starts shooting in New Orleans early next year), so keep reading Horror News Network for the next update on this horror (?) film.


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