Remembering Horror Giants Lost During The Year 2021

by Thomas Tuna

Another year has come and gone. And–as with all years–there was good and bad.

Right now, we at Horror News Network would like to remember those in the horror community who passed away over the last 12 months. They will all be missed.

January: This first month of the year saw the passing of Mike Fenton, casting director to the stars who worked on such memorable genre films as AliensPoltergeistThe Amityville Horror and Blade Runner; of Barbara Shelley, a leading lady of so many Hammer horror movies; of Carmine Capobianco, a friend of CT HorrorFest and screenwriter of Cemetery High; of Stacy Title, director of 2017’s The Bye Bye Man; of Peter Mark Richman, who appeared in Friday the 13th Part VIIIJason Takes Manhattan, among his many credits; and of Cloris Leachman, the legendary actor fondly remembered for her iconic role as Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein.

February: During this month, we lost Hal Holbrook, the acclaimed actor who appeared in The Fog and Creepshow; and Christopher Plummer, the Academy Award-winning legend who appeared in such genre films as Dracula 2000 and Possessed.

MarchThis month saw the passing of Joan Weldon, the stage and screen actor who played Dr. Patricia Medford in Them!; of Yaphet Kotto, who starred in the horror/sf classic Alien; and of Robert Rodan, who portrayed Frankenstein’s monster on Dark Shadows.

April: During this month, we lost Cleve Hall, special effects and costume designer on such horror films as ReAnimator and Ghoulies; Giannetto De Rossi, the horror SFX legend who worked on The Beyond and The House by the Cemetery; and Felix Silla, best known as the unforgettable Cousin Itt on The Addams Family TV series.

May: Here, we lost Tawny Kitaen, who starred as Linda Brewster in Witchboard; Charles Grodin, the versatile actor who appeared in Rosemary’s Baby; Robert Green Hall, the special effects and makeup artist who left his mark on numerous horror movies; and Romy Walthall, who appeared in two films in The Howling franchise and The House of Usher.

June: During this month, we lost Clarence Williams III, known to horror fans for his roles in Maniac Cop 2 and Tales from the Crypt; and Ned Beatty, the beloved veteran actor who appeared in Exorcist II.

July: Here, we lost Richard Donner, prominent director of such films as The Omen and The Goonies; and William F. Nolan, the prolific author who co-wrote Logan’s Run and numerous horror screenplays.

August: During this month, we lost Pat Hitchcock, the only child of legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock; and Marilyn Eastman, who played Helen Cooper in Night of the Living Dead.

September: This month saw the loss of Michael K. Williams, an Emmy Award nominee for HBO’s short-lived Lovecraft Country.

November: During this month, we lost Stephen Campbell, director of photography for AMC’s The Walking Dead; and Frank Romano, who designed many of the classic Ben Cooper costumes, including Alien and Planet of the Apes.

December: The year’s last month saw the loss of prolific author Anne Rice, best known for The Vampire Chronicles novels and Lives of the Mayfair Witches series.

The staff of Horror News Network extends its condolences–once again–to all the family members, friends and colleagues of these horror standouts.


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