Rebuilt ‘Observer’ Horror Game Set For Holidays – Trailer Inside

by Thomas Tuna

An award-winning 2017 cyberpunk horror game is getting a facelift for the next generation of consoles.

Blooper Team–a company also known for the Blair Witch and Layers of Fear games–will roll out Observer: System Redux for PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X, according to

The rebuilt game, which will feature expanded gameplay, reportedly will launch later this year in time for the holiday season. No specific release date has been announced at this time.

The new game is described by the developer a “the definitive vision of the horror game,” and spotlights one of the last voice-acting roles for the late Rutger Hauer.

In the game, Hauer voices the protagonist, a detective named Dan Lazarski. The new game is “a tribute to the late film star,” the developer said in a statement.

The game, set in the year 2084, deals with a dark future. As explained by Bloober Team, “first, there was the Nanophage, a digital plague that killed thousands of those who chose to augment their minds and bodies.”

Following this, the company said, there was the War, “leaving  both the West and the East decimated. Corporations took over and forged their own crooked empires.”

Players are “a tool of corporate oppression. You hack into the darkest corners of your suspects’ minds. You are an Observer.”

The developer noted that additional details on game enhancements and additions will be forthcoming in the weeks and months to come.

So, keep reading Horror News Network for any and all updates on this rebuilt horror game.

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