Rebooted ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ On Netflix Gets Debut Date

by Thomas Tuna

Dust off the old thinking cap you used for the classic Unsolved Mysteries TV series: The reboot will kick off on Netflix on July 1, beginning with the show’s first six episodes.

The reworked 12-part update on the ’80s and ’90s true crime and paranormal series–another project from Strange Things producer Shawn Levy–will use reenactments in a documentary format to delve into the eerie and unexplained, according to

The episodes–each of which will focus on one specific incident–will profile real-life mysteries, unsolved crimes, lost loves and cases involving missing persons.

The creators of the original show–John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer–will work with Levy to present a “modern take on the series that will once again look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book on long-outstanding cases.”

Meurer and Robert Wise will act as showrunners and co-executive producers, with Levy, Cosgrove and Josh Barry also serving as executive producers.

One episode–Mystery On The Rooftop, directed by Marcus A. Clarke–tells the story of Rey Rivera, whose body was found in an abandoned conference room in the Belvedere Hotel in 2006, eight days after he mysteriously disappeared. His death was declared “unexplained” by the medical examiner.

Another episode–House Of Terror, directed by Clay Jeter–tells how French police discovered the wife and four children of Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes buried under the back porch of their home in 2011. Police finally pieced together clues that pointed to Xavier as a premeditated killer.

Yet another journey into mystery–Missing Witness, again directed by Jeter–tells of 17-year-old Lena Chapin, who confessed to helping her mother dispose of her murdered stepfather’s body four years before. In 2012, she was ordered to testify against her mother in court, but she mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind her young son.

This is not the first time Unsolved Mysteries has been resurrected. The original series ran on NBC from 1987-1997, then on CBS for two seasons and then was brought back on Lifetime from 2001-2002. Spike aired the most recent incarnation from 2008-2010.

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