Ravenous #1 Review

by MacabreMenace


By Mike Peluso

Ravenous #1 Review


Writer: John Ulloa

Artist: Jose Varese

Publisher: Creature Entertainment

Release Date: Out Now

Rating: 8 out of 10


Life for Blackthorne is most definitely a preverbal ‘bitch’.  No, not because his wife left him for the FedEx man’s package, or because he was laid off due to the bickering children in congress behind our government shutdown.  It’s more because the company he chooses to keep.  This crew is made up of a pack of blood thirsty, masochistic werewolves.  Ravenous #1 is a NO BULL straight forward werewolf comic book.  John Ulloa and Jose Varese don’t pretend to make their story something it’s not by trying to reinvent the wheel.  They know what it takes to create a pulse pounding, enjoyable werewolf comic: rage, mange and blood drenched violence.  My only gripe with Ravenous #1 is the art style.  Jose Varese’s drawings are excellent and truly add to that grind house horror kind of feel Ravenous #1’s story brings.  I just think the exaggerations of the character models and excessive use of bright colors adds a cartoonist look to Ravenous #1 that takes a slight edge off of the mood. 


Overall, Ravenous #1 was enjoyable, extremity exposed entertainment.  Lycanthropy is one of pop culture’s most treasured diseases and stories like this reminds us why.  John Ulloa and Jose Varese give us the meat and potatoes of what makes a good werewolf comic, as long as you like you steak extra rare.  Grab your copy before this month’s full moon. It might make for a wild Friday night IN.


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