Prime 1 Studio Debuts Two New Predator Busts

by Thomas Tuna

The jungle is about to get a lot scarier.

Two new Jungle Hunter Predator busts–straight from the classic 1987 horror-s/f film–are crashing your way from Prime 1 Studio, according to Check out the images on this page.

The 1/3-scale busts will be compatible with the Jungle Hunter Predator 1/3-scale statue–as reported here in Horror News Network–allowing collectors to swap out the portraits between the statue and busts. The busts–priced at $899–do not yet have a release window.

Two different busts will be available–a limited version, which sports a mask-less, closed-mouth portrait; and a battle-damaged version, with a mask showing scars from a recent battle.

The limited version comes equipped with an LED-illuminated plasma cannon and a MediKit (complete with instruments seen in the film) strapped to his back. The battle-damaged version wears a Bio-Mask with a battle-scarred look and carries the same dangerous plasma cannon.

The original Predator–directed by John McTiernan from a screenplay by Jim and John Thomas–stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leader of an elite paramilitary rescue team send to save a group of hostages in Central America. As all fans know, Arnie runs into a little trouble–in the form of a Predator (Kevin Peter Hall), a deadly alien who hunts them down.

The initial reviews of Predator were mixed, but it grossed more than $98 million on a $15-million budget and morphed into a media franchise and a genre classic.

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