‘Predator’ Statue From Prime 1 Studio Ready For Battle

by Thomas Tuna

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Predator prequel, this might be the time to add a replica of the iconic creature to your horror collection.

A new Dark Horse Comics Ahab Predator 1/4-scale statue from Prime 1 Studio was just announced on news.toyark.com, and it looks to be loaded for bear (and humans). Check out the photos on this page.

The imposing statue–standing more than 34 inches tall–includes a light-up LED Plasmacaster, a masked and unmasked head sculpt, a bust stand and multiple interchangeable hands. An Exclusive Bonus Edition comes with a Biomask accessory and a smart disc.

The Ahab Predator statue–priced at $1,749 ($1,799 for the Exclusive Bonus Edition)–is scheduled for release from October 2022 to January 2023 and can be pre-ordered now.

This Predator–nicknamed Ahab–became obsessed with hunting his ultimate prey: an Engineer. The statue–as explained by the designers–has just beaten a giant centipede (seen on the base), having already bagged an Engineer in an earlier hunt.

The realistic statue wears leather straps, metal buckles, a synthetic fur kilt, netting and a fabric cloak. In addition to the Plasma Cannon, the Predator has two swappable heads and four swappable hands.

The upcoming 20th Century Studios prequel to the classic 1987 Predator–tentatively entitled Skull–is described as an “origin story about the Predator’s first journey to this planet,” as reported here in Horror News Network. This new film–reportedly about three-quarters of the way through production–is directed by Dan Trachtenberg from a screenplay by Patrick Aison.

Keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on the Predator prequel and all new horror collectibles.

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