‘Predator’ Returns To The Hunt With Another Sequel

by Thomas Tuna

When is a sequel technically not a sequel? Well, horror fans will have a chance to find out, as the Predator franchise barrels on with a fifth installment that reportedly will distance itself from 2018’s disappointing entry.

The original 1987 film was, by all accounts, a fan-favorite commercial success that gave birth to three sequels and a couple of crossovers with the Alien universe. This latest Predator film, as reported by Deadline, is being developed under the 20th Century Films banner–now owned by Disney following its acquisition of Fox last year.

The new film–directed by Dan Trachtenberg (of 2016’s genre hit 10 Cloverfield Lane), scripted by Patrick Aison (Jack Ryan and Kingdom) and produced by John Davis–reportedly will not have a connection to its immediate predecessor–The Predator–but will head out into its own (as-yet-undisclosed) action-packed direction. Plot details are being kept under wraps at this early stage.

The last, unsuccessful attempt to continue the Predator legacy two years ago–an effort directed by Shane Black–suffered through numerous delays and reshoots. The movie was planned as a sort of reboot of the original, rather than a straight sequel, that would reignite interest in the concept. Obviously, hopes are now that this upcoming installment will carry that torch into the future.

The original 1987 Predator–starring (of course) Ah-nold and Carl Weathers and directed by John McTiernan from a script by Jim and John Thomas–follows an elite paramilitary rescue team on a mission to rescue hostages held in Central America. What they find, as all fans know, is a deadly, technologically advanced alien known as a Predator (played by Kevin Peter Hall) who hunts them down. The 20th Century Fox blockbuster grossed $98.3 million worldwide on a budget of from $15 million to $18 million.

With so many details still be ironed out with this sequel, keep reading Horror News Network to keep abreast of all the announcements sure to come very soon.

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