Pre-production begins on The Hospital

by Rob Caprilozzi

Allied Horror, in association with Lazy Donkey Films, has begun pre-production on their new horror/paranormal masterpiece titled THE HOSPITAL, starring genre staples such as John Dugan (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International), Jim O’Rear (The Dead Matter), and Daniel Emery Taylor (Return Of The Swamp Thing). Known for horror hits such as Stephen King’s The Boogeyman, The Deepening, and Scream Farm, Allied Horror and Lazy Donkey Films promise to offer something that genre audiences haven’t seen before while, at the same time, incorporating familiar elements to delight horror fans everywhere. THE HOSPITAL mixes the paranormal and slasher genres and can best be described as Saw meets Hostel meets Paranormal Activity meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The project is being filmed in actual haunted locations this summer in East Tennessee and the filmmakers are almost guaranteed to capture real paranormal activity while they are shooting their scripted paranormal events. It’s up to the audience to decide what is real and what isn’t. Be warned, though … THE HOSPITAL is a brutal, bloody, and graphic film that is designed to cross boundaries and is sure to generate controversy. The story behind THE HOSPITAL is fairly simple, but don’t let that fool you as there are several surprising twists thrown in along the way. Here’s what you can expect: Old St. Leopold's Hospital has many urban legends surrounding it, but the residents of Bridgeport all agree on one thing: tortured souls roam its abandoned halls. The mystery proves too much for a pretty young student who decides to investigate for her senior class project. Unfortunately, she does not find ghosts. She, instead, finds Stanley… serial rapist, murderer, and psychopath. As the young girl becomes Stanley's new pet, a team of young investigators descend on the hospital to "hunt some ghosts." Stanley sees nothing but fun and games in his future. But, what Stanley does not know is that the hospital truly is haunted and the restless spirits there are not happy with what he has been doing.

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