Planet Dead interview with Larry Greene

The world falls into chaos after a rogue scientist unleashes a virus that turns the living and the dead into flesh eating monsters. A Special Forces Team is sent into a growing danger zone to recover the cure from the scientist, but as they enter the hot zone they must seek refuge in a nearby nightclub with a few civilians as they wait for the rescue chopper to arrive. Armed with limited ammo they must battle the ever growing number of once human monsters.

Christine Caprilozzi caught up with writer/director, Larry Greene, to talk Planet Dead.

Horror News Network: “Planet Dead” is a zombie movie that focuses not only on the virus, but also on what the government’s role would be in an apocalyptic situation. What was your inspiration for that?

Larry Greene: We always see zombies films more focused on the general population. I wanted the audience to get that experience from a Special Forces Team point of view on this unusual situation.

Horror News Network: What do you feel sets the film apart from other independent film that fall under the “zombie” genre?

Larry Greene: It’s more Action based than just horror. From the start of the film it keeps moving and doesn’t let you go. You have the civilian characters freaking out and you have the Military characters a bit more in control in a situation spiraling out of control.

Horror News Network: Besides writing and directing, you also play the role of Col. Briggs, a man short of patience in the situation. Tell us a bit about the character?

Larry Greene: He’s a very edgy character trying to cope with the situation. Losing love ones and dealing with some other characters who haven’t been in an out of control situation just make him more forceful.

Horror News Network: Without giving too much away, tell us a bit about some of the other characters and their development? “Lenox” (played by Charles Adames), particularly stood out a character with more depth.

Larry Greene: In this story you have multiple characters with different personalities with their own viewpoint trying to make sense of it. “Lenox” played by Charles Adames is a character that takes more risks to get the job done. He’s faithful to the mission and the team. His partner Krisshaw is more of a loose cannon and is a much more brutal character. You also have the bar patrons, an off-duty worn out cop, the girls trying to have a good time, the bar owner trying to keep his cool amongst others.

Horror News Network: The ending of the film leaves some unanswered questions. Do you see a “Planet Dead 2” in the future?

Larry Greene: Possibly I do! I do have an idea of where I want to take the story, but not in the near future as I am focusing on other projects. As my fan base continue to grow and the film grows a bigger audience then it will be considered.

Horror News Network: Where would the HNN audience be able to see or learn more about “Planet Dead”?

Larry Greene: You can stay tuned on the film and it’s release at and

Planet Dead horror movie

Planet Dead horror movie

Planet Dead horror movie

Planet Dead horror movie

Planet Dead horror movie

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