Piranha Sharks set to wreak havoc this week!

by Larry Dwyer

“Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Piranha Sharks run wild on you??”

Okay, so maybe Hulk Hogan isn’t in Piranha Sharks but hardcore-wrestling legend Al Snow is! Along with Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo, baseball’s Jose Canseco and former MSNBC anchor David Shuster. And they are gonna “run wild on you” starting this Wednesday night at 7pm EST on PiranhaSharks.com. The folks there will run a 10 minute free preview of Piranha Sharks that will remain playable for several hours. While there you can also choose to rent the full film at $1.49 or purchase it for a mere $5.99 where it will be available for viewing on Vimeo starting Friday August 8th.

Official Press Release

Angry Armadillo Inc., an innovative, new distribution company announced today that they will release Leigh Scott’s “Piranha Sharks” in the United States on August 8. The film will be available for rent or purchase through a strategic partnership with the video hosting company Vimeo. Audiences can also enjoy an extended, ten minute clip for free starting Wednesday August 6th.

Directed by Leigh Scott, who produced and/or directed fifteen films for The Asylum including “Transmorphers” in 2007, “Piranha Sharks” is a comedy that follows the disaster caused when a genetically engineered bio-weapon, mini-piranha/shark hybrids are sold as children’s toys in bigbox retailers, and then unleashed upon Manhattan.

The oddball cast includes TV’s Hercules Kevin Sorbo, ex-WWE wrestler Al Snow, former MLB player Jose Canseco, former MSNBC news anchor David Shuster, and reality TV star Gina Marie Zimmerman of the CBS show “Big Brother. The film was written by Scott, with a score composed by Ramona Mallory, who also starred, co-edited, and produced the film. The film’s hero creatures were created by Academy Award winner Barney Burman (“Star Trek: Into Darkness”).

“I helped start the Asylum”, remarked director Leigh Scott, “a lot of the ways in which they make films, in terms of production and development, are based on my ideas. I even presented the idea of giant shark movies long before they made ‘Mega-Shark’ or any of their other shark epics. And for all of that, let me sincerely apologize to the world. The goal of this launch, and our company Angry Armadillo is to prove the superiority of internet delivered content over traditional cable, as well as the triumph of talented people who care about their filmmaking over money grubbing hacks who prostitute their meager skills to make a quick buck. We want our films to contain jokes, not be jokes.”

Co-Producer and co-star Benjamin Kanes had this to say, “It’s simple really. This is about creating movies that are awesome. Movies that people want to see. Movies that don’t presuppose and rely upon the stupidity of their audiences. And then delivering them in the most inexpensive and convenient possible way.”

Producer Ramona Mallory was a bit more measured in her remarks. “The online revolution is happening, just not fast enough for our tastes. We think this distribution model not only represents the future, but the best way for producers to monetize their investment and continue to produce quality work. The Vimeo service is great, not just for producers, but for audiences. They can enjoy films on HD television sets, mobile devices or computers. It better fits the way people now watch movies and television shows”.

Independent film producer, promoter, and inspiration for the Jeff Bridges character in “The Big Lebowski”, Jeff Dowd, recently declared Angry Armadillo’s strategy and team to be “the future”, noting that they “are the revolution”.

The decision to launch both the film and the company to coincide with “Sharknado 2” is not accidental. The Asylum built their brand on “mockbusters” and piggybacking their productions onto the marketing budgets of studio films. “It’s time to mockbust the Mockbusters”, noted Scott, “you live by the sword, you die by the sword”. In addition to some rather familiar looking posters, Angry Armadillo will be releasing a series of promotional videos and trailers leading up to the release.

“Piranha Sharks” will be available for rental and purchase through the official website piranhasharks.com as well as the Vimeo-On-Demand website beginning August 8 and is available for pre-order now.






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