Philosopher Rex preview

Meet Dr. Ishmeal Stone: Philosopher, detective, monster-hunter, primes inter pares of a shadowy network of supernatural guardians sworn to shelter the world from the Infernal Orders. Stone’s mission is aided by his daughter, half-ghost, half-witch Amara Stone, Wilbur Branch, a master of mystic weapons, the mysterious monster-detector known as Blind Jack, and the smooth-talking mentalist Martin Priest. Philosopher REX opens at a moment of crisis as the old orders are fragmenting and the Philosophers dividing into rival camps, with Stone and his comrades on one side of the battle, with the malignant and craven Philip Delacroix on the other. Complicating matters… just when Stone and his associates need them most, their various abilities are inexplicably on the wane!

Check out the Philosopher Rex preview.

Philosopher Rex comic
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