‘Pet Sematary’ Climbs into Second Place at Weekend Box Office, ‘Us’ Passes $150 Million Mark

by Nick Banks

The pulse for Pet Sematary has been running high over the past few months (and the film delivered a second place finish at the weekend box office to the tune of $25 million), but  just like the optimism of Dr. Louis Creed, the end result may not be what Paramount expected.

Pet Sematary’s debut is a healthy one for a horror remake, but all of the analytics associated with the film point to a sharp decline in ticket sales next week.  Sematary’s Rotten Tomatoes score has steadily fallen from the mid-80s to a current score of 61% fresh.  While this is an admirable number for any horror film, the fan metrics are more disturbing.  Only 49% of fans on Rotten Tomatoes liked the film (according to their Audience Score) and film-goers polled by Cinemascore gave the remake an ultra low C+.  With Hellboy opening next week, followed quickly by The Curse of La Llorona weeping into theaters two weeks later, Pet Sematary could easily drop 65% at next week’s box office, signaling an early exit from theaters.

In more positive news, Us continues to bring in money from ticket buyers above ground (sales figures are not yet available from the red suited community).  Jordan Peele’s latest finished in fourth place this weekend with an estimated total of $13.8 million.  More importantly, Us crossed the $150 million mark, and even with increased competition over the next few weeks, Us should be able to surpass Get Out as the biggest domestic hit of his career.

Speaking of red suits, Shazam! by David F. Sandberg finished first this weekend with over $53 million at the box office.  The former director of Lights Out and Annabelle Creation proved that he could make the transition to another genre.  Sandberg’s feat is even more impressive when compared to other DC super hero films, which have struggled to please audiences and critics.  Shazam! was able to do both with a 91% RT score and a solid A grade from Cinemascore viewers.

The “hits” (and misses) just keep coming the month of April with next week’s Hellboy, so be sure to keep informed about all of this spring’s new releases with your handy guide to all of the upcoming releases in HNN’s Spring Movie Preview.


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