PCS Reveals ‘The Howling’ Epic Series Statue Platinum Exclusive

by Rob Caprilozzi

“I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind. I trusted you, Karen.”

This latest offering from Premium Collectibles Studios is sure to makes 80s horror fans howl at the moon. The company, which is known for their low edition collectibles, has just released a preview, which can be seen below, of The Howling 1:3 Scale Epic Series Statue – Platinum Exclusive.

Standing at an impressive 38” tall, this finely crafted piece will add an unprecedented level of realism to your horror collection. Modeled after the incredible creations of Rob Bottin and his creature effects team, The Howling 1:3 Statue boasts a lifelike fur application to complement the sculpted features. The creature’s portrait comes to terrible life with the assistance of beautifully painted fangs and a pair of haunting golden eyes.

The werewolf stands atop an environmental base reminiscent of the remote Colony setting in the film, complete with the grisly remains of an ill-fated victim. The Platinum Exclusive features a swap-out hand holding the severed arm of the creatures unfortunate victim.

The statue, which retails for $2660, is scheduled to ship between February and April of 2025. It can be ordered from the PCS website here. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more news on The Howling.

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